by Out of Body

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released July 10, 2017

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Reed DeAngelis in the Spring of 2017
Recorded at Meme Dream Studios
Mastered at New Alliance East by Nick Zampiello
Vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 10 by Philip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings
All songs with lyrics written and arranged by Gjared Robinson
All guitars, bass, vocals and synth performed by Gjared Robinson
Drums and percussion performed by Raul Vela IV
Live band-Landon Lewis (guitar), Christine Dunn (bass) Alec Hochhalter (drums)
Out Of Body uses- Gibson USA, Marshall amplification and Ampeg Amplification



all rights reserved


Out of Body Austin, Texas

Voiceless is a tasteful modern blend of 90’s space rock plus alternative metal featuring 10 riff-solid dynamic songs filled with mosh grooves, synth drenched atmospheres, melodic harmonies and soaring solos.


  • Aug 26
    Corpus Christi, TX

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Track Name: Going Wrong
Linger on
Nothings wrong
Play pretend
Wait and see who gets caught
Lie or smile
It’s gotten this far
Keep going
The machine won’t stop even though it should

We can’t but we will kill ourselves to live

Sign says no
One way to go
The other side
Dismiss all direction steer in a circle
Seeing the same signs all over again
Turn and spin nobody will ever admit
We’ve lost our way and it’s not coming back

You’re breaking up
I can’t hear a thing
Track Name: Notes
Feeling like an empty shell
Like somebody reached way down inside and scooped out your soul
Left you with nothing

Just the thought of getting out of bed becomes too much to do
Such a screw up, they’re all better off without you hanging around

Wave goodbye
Track Name: Vampires
My defense is down and your kind starts to surround
Stepping in reaching out grab what they can
Quick walk backwards
Try not to stumble keep balance and control
Breathe deep in

Just when you thought everything was fine
From nowhere surprise attack hijack your time

Suck so much but drain real slow and who would know?
It works out well, unsuspecting passerby right in the trap
It’s cute and nice with no escape and now a sudden turn
But still here

Moments wasted
Couldn’t save it
Had to listen because I’m a social victim
Gone dry
Track Name: Speculation
So sure it’s the only way
Nothing could be more real
Answers to questions
Finally revealed

Bow your head
Close your eyes
With speculation
No one knows what happens when we die

Look at the earth and creation
The science of truth
Is it just another feeling to hold on to?

Do you know?

The light is bright, the light is bright, the light is bright at the end
Hope and pray, wish or think, wait until then
Track Name: In The Back
Driving by
Hold your breath
Pass a graveyard
It helps keep the demons out
Paper always covers rock when you’re counting Beetles

Almost there just a little bit further

Wake up in a different town
It’s not the same as the last one; it’s not the same
Feeling restless close to bored
Tell me something that I’ve heard
Looking through the rolling glass
It’s a hypnotic blur

We are here now
Track Name: Trigger Happy
Protect yourself at any cost
They’re gonna get you
Prepare for a zero threat
It’s good to know you have options
If there’s a knocking at the door
Answer it with brute force
What some call paranoid is just liberty

Walk with fear
Power of steel
Final solution
No help to anyone

Violence brings piece of mind even if there’s no peace
Feeling safer comfort found, tension rising in our heart
Never sure just who to trust, end them before they end you

In defense
Reason there’s none
Love the gun
Track Name: Bed Dust
I see sunlight peeking through windows
Pull the covers up
Return to night again

Don’t want to get up today

In this sweet sleep
Make a new reality
Man can be anything
The universe is mine

Dream the dream of dreams
Track Name: Evaporate
Everyone is watching
Face to the ground
Avoid eye contact
Get small
I just want to…
Track Name: Voiceless
Voice is a whisper
Shouldn’t speak
Where is that confidence

I can’t say anything right
I can’t say anything at all

Stutter slip
Twisted tongue
Get the words, get the words, get the words, get the words out
A lot on this mind someone could hear
Thoughts are moving faster than lips can comprehend

Stop and stare
Try again
Nothing to say
Track Name: Only Once
You only love once and then it’s gone
So make it count if you can or be alone